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June 16, 2005


Graeme Klass

Thanks for posting that!

I am the founder of Ad-Bay. I hope that with time Ad-Bay will be an alternative way for buyers and sellers of ad space to get matched.

A few people have asked how I came up with the idea. I used to run a small business and thought "wouldn't it be great to have a central place with different ad space listed from differnet media?" I did a bit of searching and didn't find anything that I liked.
Anyway, from that initial seed of an idea I thought "what the hell...I'll start one myself!" I did not know of the previous companies (as mentioned by Joe Bartling) that tried this and failed...but at least I can learn from their mistakes (and successes) and improve on it.

If anyone has any ideas or suggestions for Ad-Bay then please feel free to drop me a line!

Graeme Klass

Peter Caputa

Thanks for commenting, Graeme.

I am not sure Joe really sees what you are doing. There are very few ad networks, where the inventory is revealed or where publishers can interact directly with buyers, let alone through an auction. Blogads would be one of them. Other than that, I don't know of any good examples. Most ad networks keep their publisher partners private, unless they own them.

Futher, by making the process open to auction, you are creating a much more fluid market. Theoretically, this way, all inventory will sell for something. And since online inventory doesn't cost anything more than unfilled online inventory, it makes sense.

If this thing scales, I think you have a very unique value proposition. And I don't see why it wouldn't scale. There are now millions and millions of publishers that have no idea how to sell ads. This makes the learning curve pretty low.

The question I have: what are you doing to make ad buyers aware? If ad buyers are aware of this, ad sellers will be there.

Peter Caputa

Looks like google is gonna play that game too.

They are letting advertisers bid on ad inventory on a publisher basis and on a cpm buy. Sorry Graeme. You just got some big competition.

Peter Caputa

forgot the link

Graeme Klass

Hi again,
Thanks for the information re: Google. Do you have a link or reference to their cpm plans?

Re: promotion - I'm currently advertising online with Google and Overture. I'm getting good interest from people this way. I'm also building a list of buyers/ad agencies etc. to target via direct mail.

The goal of Ad-Bay is to build up a loyal community of people looking to buy and sell ad space. We have already had successful matches of advertising space and we are getting good feedback on our service.

Thanks again.

Graeme Klass
CEO Ad-Bay

peter caputa

Looks like that link is broken. Sorry, Graeme.

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