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April 02, 2005


Ben McConnell

You're right -- people will always simply talk about something voluntarily, especially if it's new.

Once you start paying people for their feedback, then they'll start saying what you want to hear, not necessarily what you need to hear.

peter caputa

I don't think either of those statements are true, Ben.

People talk about big companies. It is almost possible to get [lots of] people to talk about new things.

And I don't think that people that are paid to provide feedback automatically tell someone what they want to hear.


Hmm. I just noticed that you linked to my Marqui archives regarding "people simply talked about the program." We were required to link to them/mention them and that's it. There may be better ways (of course) they could have run the program, but I think it's important to be clear about what was asked of us.

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