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January 20, 2005


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c. s.

Because CAPTCHA has accessibility problems for those who use assistive technologies (i.e. screen readers). Not only that, but CAPTCHA *has* been defeated incase you haven't been playing along with the rest of us.

peter caputa

good point about captcha. care to elaborate on the defeat of captcha?


captcha defeated: http://sam.zoy.org/projects/pwntcha/


what about challenge/response where email clicking on a link sent to an email account is required to confirm the address... like weblogsinc does.

I wonder how well that works or if that is defeatable, so easily?


afaik: any time you expose the means by which a digital identity credential is created in an automated, programmatic process, it can be exploited programmatically.

you said you call this (tag bombing) "freedom". well okay. i agree. but freedom, you know, it is not free.

spam sent my wiki into ip-address access control lists last week. basically it is dead for the time being. not a solution.

so that's the price of this sort of freedom; the responsibility to figure out how to stop [x] from exploiting it without applying a solution that effectively strips us of it. either absolutely, or by degrees (e.g. repeated / redundant auth hassles).

SXIP is a step in the right direction but it just pushes the problem a little further down the "stack", if you will.

conversely, there's the notion that maybe -- just maybe -- world-readable permissions for self-published content, are, as a default, not the right way to go if you posit the existence of some form of trust network that extends out through social connections and let THAT determine who gets write access to your blog, your wiki, your whatever.... well, this gets into familiar territory i think, WRT foafnet etc.... and is straying way off topic.

btw, http://www.technorati.com/tags/CAPTCHA == nada. I suspect you crossed a signal/noise threshhold and triggered a constraint rule with the original post? You'd have to ask celik or kallen or someone else over there...



yeah… !
wonder what happen if we all use nofollow on our websites? And how about DMOZ & Yahoo directory.

Have a good one.

lon white

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