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May 03, 2004



this'd be a perfect social networking companion for adultfriendfinder. :)


i'm sure the cdc would have a keen interest... (-:=

Peter Caputa

we were thinking we'd next ask which STD's people have. and then calculate the chance of other people you've had sexual relations with of having one. I am sure the cdc would find that useful.

atleast it is practical. beyond collecting people like baseball cards.

You think people would have privacy concerns over this one?


I would envision the "STD Tracker" to be part of the premium service...need to hold something back on the freebie memberships!

Peter Caputa

good call.


This is why I don't like trial lawyers. They are always getting in the way of things like whobangedwho from becoming reality.

Peter Caputa

Is there something blatant I am missing? Why would trial lawyers get in the way of this?


I was trying to be funny. It seems that there could be some potential lawsuits resulting from tales of "who banged who(m)" :)

Peter Caputa

yeah. Lately, I find no humor in anything that mentions a lawyer. Sorry.

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