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April 28, 2004


« Not sure how it got here: Mercredi on Afrique Web entitled: L'abus de barres d'outils »
FYI ... it was kind of a random pick ;-) : I subscribed to several PubSub feeds to track info on Dmoz , one of these feeds brought up your post (just because you wrote : « ... Searches the following Directories(eg dmoz, yahoo... » ).

I read the post, found it funny, and posted a link.
It's that simple :-)

Peter Caputa

thanks. another way to promote your weblog: serendipity.


How to Promote your Blog

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3 years later, these tips are still good. More recently, I remember Jason Alba of JibberJobber fame blogging that one great way to build a credible web presence WITHOUT a blog is to become known by commenting frequently on other people's blogs.


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